Water Usage

In our modern homes, water can seem like an inexhaustible resource. With one simple movement, or even one simple touch, you are able to turn on the faucet and out flows an abundance of water. Because of the convenience provided by most fixtures, the typical family will, on average, uses about 11 gallons of water daily; and, that is just what we use in the kitchen.

There are simple steps you can take to reduce the average water usage in your household. One of the easiest ways, especially if you are already looking for a new kitchen faucet, is by choosing a more water efficient fixture. With improved designs that many newer models have, you will not sacrifice water pressure or style while making strides toward preserving our precious water resources. Even an unnoticeable change, from an older faucet that has up to a 3 gallon per minute flow to a new, water saving design with 1.5 GPM, will save more than you realize.

Considering the Savings

We can all see that water is an invaluable resource in our lives. Without it, we simply cannot survive. This is reason enough for us to work together, in even the smallest ways, to conserve this indispensable resource. Going green, when it comes to water, makes sense for our health and future. And, it is often easy to accomplish without making drastic changes.

Changing your water usage will not only help to save the planet, but also, it can save your wallet. You can lower your monthly water bill, and your electricity bill if you have a well, water pump, or filtration system. This can create some amazing savings for you now, and on into the future. As more people become conscious of the problems that come from overusing water, and we each make necessary changes, the future savings will be compounded.

Work With What You Have

Regular maintenance of the faucet fixture you currently have, can also lead to reducing your water usage. The slow drip is not only an annoyance, but it’s also a waste. Faucets tend to be vulnerable to leaking for several reasons. Over time, the handles can become stiff and hard to completely turn off, connections can become loose, or rust and damage can take their toll on the integrity of the materials. When you notice an issue, even if it seems small, you could be saving yourself more than you realize when you fix it independently, or have it looked at by a professional.

A very simple way to save water at the kitchen faucet would be to plug the sink when washing, instead of letting the water run continuously. With the right type of faucet that allows for easy maneuvering within the sink basin, and an ergonomic way to turn water on and off, using it only when necessary is not a chore.

Looking For a Change

When you are ready for buying a new kitchen faucet, do you know what features to look for to make it more water efficient? You may already have style or design preferences when it comes to your next kitchen sink fixture. Luckily, the newest models are beginning to give you more and more options for controlling your water usage, while keeping in step with your home fashion sense.

-You can buy fixtures with handles that have simple movement to ensure the water will not accidentally be left dripping. There are also some designs that have one-touch pause features to limit the unnecessary use of water in between dishes.
-Look for labeling that ensures eco-friendly design. The WaterSense mark, and other similar guarantees, can be found on many different faucet choices.
-Sweat the details. When you buy a faucet that is constructed of ceramic valves and has a built-in aerator, then you can be certain you are getting the most value out of your purchase upfront and in the future.

Awareness is the Key

Simply knowing about causes of waste and ways to improve your household usage will help you move toward the goal of conserving water daily. Whether you choose to buy, or just improve on what you already have, consciously considering going “green” in your kitchen will make a difference.

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