Two Handles

In standard kitchen design, faucets with a single handle are inexplicably common. While these faucets are certainly versatile and perfectly functional, they do not offer the same control as variations with two handles. Kitchen faucets with two handles allow for better water control, making it much easier to dictate the flow and temperature of the water. With a single handle, flow and temperature have to be handled simultaneously, but using two handles allows for more nuance, which can be especially important in the kitchen. Moreover, this increased control makes the faucet safer. With two handles, accidental scalding is much less likely to occur.

These practical features are not the only advantages. Faucets with two handles also offer unique stylistic advantages. These faucets tend to create more of a statement, making them a decidedly dramatic choice for your kitchen sink. It is also possible to find this type of faucet in any specific style. From sleek stainless steel to rustic rubbed bronze, these sinks can match any overall kitchen decor. Whether you want an ultra-modern kitchen with minimalistic lines or a grandiose kitchen with an antique flair, there are plenty of options for a kitchen faucet with two handles to consider.


Peerless P299578LF

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Delta 21966LF-SS Dennison Review

Delta has a reputation for providing quality faucets at an affordable price. The Delta 21966LF-SS Dennison lives up to that promise. By providing a faucet with a classic shape and modern finish, it fits into most kitchens and is worth taking a look at for anyone going through a remodel. The handles make Read Morereadmoreblue-arrow

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