The Different Styles

Although modern plumbing is a simple tool that brings water into your home, there are many styles of fixtures that can be used as a part of a home’s decor for functional use. A variety of designs, finishes and features mean that shopping for a fixture can be a complex process if you have not determined your key interests for the style and look of your kitchen. Narrowing your choices for top features and options will simplify the shopping and help you identify the type of custom kitchen, fixture and sink style that will best suit your needs.

Style and Color

The first choices you will want to consider are style and color. Many reproduction faucets offer a look of yesteryear, and they pair nicely with farm sinks and a vintage decor. Contemporary fixtures include sleek, modern styles that will give your kitchen an updated look. They complement luxurious styles such as glass mosaic tiles and solid-surface countertops with undermount sinks. You can also choose from a variety of colors, such as polished chrome, brass, bronze and brushed steel or enameled colors such as black and white.

Knob Styles

The knobs of your fixtures will also play a role in the style and look for your kitchen. Porcelain knobs are typically offered for vintage and traditional models, with cross handles or levers offering an old-fashioned look. Contemporary models may have polished or brushed metal knobs, and in some cases, the knobs and their operation may be difficult to identify due to sleek, unique designs.

One or Two-Handled Fixtures

Many modern designs have a mixer-style handle, which allows the user to control the mix of hot and cold water with one hand. This popular model is ideal in the kitchen for quick, simple access. The look of a one-handled knob is typically sleek and uncomplicated, and the look lends itself well to modern faucet designs. In contrast, the two-handled fixture is generally associated with vintage, reproduction or traditional styles.

Side Sprayers

Many fixtures and sink profiles include the option for a side sprayer. A spray nozzle with a hose is a convenient feature in the kitchen to fill large pots, clean the sides of the sink and rinse dishes or produce. A side sprayer is a simple tool that will add a useful extra feature to your sink.

Pull-Out Spigots and Sprayers

This modern fixture style incorporates the sprayer and the main water spout into one convenient, flexible tool. When you need a sprayer, simply pull on the spigot and use it as you would the side sprayer. It’s easy to change the water flow from stream to spray, and the convenience of this integrated sprayer makes it a popular choice for many contemporary, high-end homes. The flexibility of the sprayer also makes it easy to fill large pots.

Commercial Fixtures

The home cook’s common dilemma of filling large pots with water is easily addressed by these tall, commercial faucets. The kitchen takes on a professional chef’s look with this useful style which can be incorporated into the sink or plumbed into the wall above the stove. A flexible or articulating spigot will allow for flexible movement; it will also be an attractive focal point when showcased in the middle of a kitchen island.

Touchless Fixtures

Fixtures that operate with motion detectors are the ultimate choice for high-end sophistication in the kitchen. Water that automatically flows when you access the sink or place a pot or cup under the spigot saves time and adds modern elegance to your decor. A variety of motion-activated designs are available, and although the features vary, most styles offer a hand-operated lever for temperature control. Touchless fixtures are a superior choice for the efficient kitchen.

There are many more features that can be considered as you shop for a new fixture. Integrated soap dispensers, water filtration and water-saving options will allow you to choose personalized features for your individual needs. Regardless of the style and features you choose for your home, you’ll enjoy the conveniences of modern plumbing with a stylish, practical faucet.

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