Common Kitchen Faucet Problems

In putting up this web site, our intention is to establish something that will provide you with a little bit more information than merely how positive or negative a specific kitchen faucet could impact you and your kitchen area functions. More and substantially better information about kitchen faucets is, therefore, the reason you see this review web page today.

In case you encounter an issue with your kitchen faucet, it might be easier for you to assume that the manufacturer is in the wrong or even that your kitchen faucet has just arrived at the conclusion of its lifespan. Even though both of these arguments could be factual, if you are struggling with any complications with your kitchen faucet, it is worth your while to have a look at our arguments and advice below. Our advice might help you in determining whether your predicament could be reparable before you decide to reach for your chequebook to pay a plumbing service company.


Setting up the kitchen faucet is one of the most significant grievances we have come across over the years. As a nation, we take pleasure and a lot of pride in everything that is “Do It Yourself”, and most of us would likely give preference to having a go at setting up an item by our very selves before acquiring or engaging the services of an expert. The trouble is that people have a tendency to dive in, even without necessarily taking a proper look at the guidelines, and it is quite easy to skip a little something in the course of the setting up an item, which may cause one or more of the concerns we point out in this article.

A word of advice to you would be, invest some time and be sure you have all of the necessary equipment laid out, before considering the setting up of your brand new kitchen faucet. In case you have difficulties comprehending the instructions, you could attempt switching over to the internet, or the technical section of the manufacturer, since most of the companies have exceptional technical advisers who would talk you through the installation process.


Leaks could certainly be a major issue and among the major reasons why consumers come to the decision that it is time for them to switch their kitchen faucet. Leaks could be in any form. You may realize that your kitchen faucet is damp around the base of the spout, it could be that you have got an irritating drip, or perhaps that water simply leaks out of places that it should not whenever you turn your kitchen faucet on. Nevertheless, you will discover there are few possibilities to consider before you decide to reach for your chequebook and have to experience the stress of setting up a replacement.

Most of these concerns could be as a result of a couple of issues, wear or tear. Depending on the type of seepage or leakage, you may need to replace the O-rings, most of which do not usually last as long as your kitchen faucet, or perhaps a different component wore out and requires replacement. Either way, it is better to check with the manual you were furnished with, in the event you still have it. For the majority of you, this concern could be taken care of by simply making a quick trip to your local home improvement store and purchasing a replacement component.

Loss of Water Pressure

In the event that your water pressure unexpectedly reduces when using your kitchen faucet, the most likely explanation is you might have an accumulation of mineral deposits inside the kitchen faucet. Most of the contemporary kitchen faucets can be effortlessly disassembled allowing you to thoroughly clean the areas where lime-scale most likely sticks. As a matter of fact, if you reside in a hard water neighborhood, it is a recommendation that you make cleaning the insides of your kitchen faucet one of your monthly domestic duties to prevent lime-scale from sticking to your kitchen faucet.
In serious cases, the issue might possibly be related to your water supply; however, this relation has a tendency to become apparent when you have a water pressure issue in any other part of the house. If this comes about, it is advisable to simply concede and contact a plumbing service company.

Rusting and General Wear and Tear

You ought to be quite careful if your kitchen faucet starts displaying indications of corrosion. As soon as you notice rust from the outside, chances are high that the rust has already formed on the inside, which in turn has an effect on the quality of your tap water.

Other types of wear and tear include your kitchen faucet’s overall finish beginning to appear a little bit shabby or some difficulties in shifting the handle or spray heads. Regrettably, in this circumstances you are probably better off purchasing a replacement, we advise you to at the very least engage the services of a plumbing service company in an initial assessment.

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