Your Kitchen Faucet and Price

You may be thinking in terms of a complete kitchen remodel, or your kitchen sink faucet is completely shot and outdated. Whatever the case, time has come for a new faucet. But where do you as an average home owner begin? Before going out to buy one and have it installed, let’s look at several points you’ll need to know first.

Analyzing Your Needs

First of all, making a mental list of just what it is that you do in a kitchen and how often, helps give you an idea of the type of device you’ll need.

Kitchen design industry experts estimate that on an average, homeowners spend five hours a day in a kitchen. How much time do you spend? Do you spend a lot of time chopping or baking? If you do, you’ll need the type of device that can handle everything you can do. Will it basically be just you that uses the kitchen, or do you have a household full of rough and tumble, fast-moving children? If you do, plan for durability.

Before You Buy And Install

Before installing, you need to be thinking in terms of the configuration of both the kitchen and the sink area. Knowing the exact space in which the sink and faucet are placed is a must.

That being said, knowing how many holes come in your sink or counter, before you pick the faucet, goes a long way in knowing what set up works best in the kitchen.

One-hole sinks have a cleaner, simpler look. A two-hole usually includes space for a side spray or a liquid soap dispenser. A three-hole, more commonly seen in older kitchens, makes room for separate hot and cold two handle faucets. If you’re considering a four-hole device, you can count with room for two handle faucets and accessories as well.

What’s Your Style? Make A Statement!

Especially being true when a kitchen renovation or remodel is in the works, having a right faucet gear takes your kitchen to the next level as a means to express your unique style.

This can be easily done by the various finishes and designs that you may choose. Some finishes commonly sold at home improvement centers are:

  • Chrome
  • Brushed chrome
  • Polished nickel
  • Mediterranean oil-brushed bronze
  • Black wrought iron
  • and Stainless steel

Designer styles are just as numerous and include:

How Much and Where?

The prices range from an extremely affordable $49 to a higher-end, designer model costing several hundreds of dollars. That being said, buyers need to always remember that typically, you get what you pay for on any given item; however, spending an average of $175 for better quality designs and functional utility comes within range for certain models.

With today’s vast home improvement stores, plumbing showrooms and superior online outlets such as this one, you’ll have no difficulty in selecting the right faucet for the kitchen of your dreams.

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