Moen Kitchen Faucet

Al Moen simply wanted to wash his hands. He turned on his kitchen faucet only to be scalded by a rush of hot water that came pouring out. He was so distressed that he began designing something new. A faucet with just a single, easy to adjust handle, as opposed to the traditional two-handled faucet. That was in 1937. In just two years Al Moen created something that would change the way people washed their hands. By 1947 Moen’s faucet was set for production and the rest is history. Moen sought to solve a simple, everyday problem. With his eyes on the future, he created a globally recognized, industry leading company.

Humble beginnings to be sure,but the company has grown and evolved since then. In the years since Al Moen created the single handled faucet, his namesake company has remained on the cutting edge of technology. All of their advances have been remarkable. On my website, you will find the latest example of Moen’s forward thinking: faucets with MotionSense technology. Over half a century ago, Al Moen’s imaginative solution created a company that will keep on creating imaginative solutions for now and for the future.


Moen 7594ESRS Arbor

The Moen 7594ESRS Arbor faucet definitely lives up to the Moen reputation for remarkable quality and keen use of the latest motion sensing technology. This fixture is activated with a simple wave of your hand for added convenience as well as cleanliness when preparing food items in Read Morereadmoreblue-arrow

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