Moen 7594ESRS Arbor Review

Moen 7594ESRS Arbor 1The Moen 7594ESRS Arbor faucet definitely lives up to the Moen reputation for remarkable quality and keen use of the latest motion sensing technology. This fixture is activated with a simple wave of your hand for added convenience as well as cleanliness when preparing food items in and around your kitchen sink. Installation is made especially easy with the Hydrolock quick-connect system and easy to follow instructions included with the unit. The Moen Arbor faucet looks smart and is smart, in true Moen fashion with this elegant yet sturdy kitchen must-have.



The MotionSense feature on this unit is incredibly handy and conveniently simplifies everyday kitchen duties such as cooking and cleaning. Having a faucet with this technology is like having an extra set of hands at the sink while you’re working in one of the busiest areas of your home. The Spot Resist stainless finish stays clean with minimal effort, and has been designed to resist pesky water spots and fingerprints. This product is manufactured and assembled in the USA.


The water temperature cannot be adjusted using the hands free method, but must be changed using a control panel located in the cabinet under the sink. Temperature can be adjusted using the standard handle but this disrupts the MotionSense feature. Purposely disabling the MotionSense function is not very intuitive; you must hold your hand over the unit for five seconds to turn it off, and another five seconds to re-engage. Once you become used to the motion sensing technology it is quite helpful, but there is a definite learning curve with this fixture and may be difficult for children to reach and use. Lastly, the MotionSense feature requires 6 AA batteries which have to be replaced regularly to avoid loss of the hands free functions.


This Moen faucet was designed with the Reflex Pulldown system which consists of an easily pulled down spout head that is attached with a flexible, 68″ long hose. This feature makes it easy to move the flow of water from one area of the sink to another and is long enough to reach the far corners of even the larger sized kitchen sinks. The Reflex Pulldown head is equipped with a pause button that allows you to stop the flow of water when filling pots or vases outside of the sink itself. This highly practical feature is an added convenience and compliments the functionality of the hands free MotionSense feature nicely.


The graceful High Arc style of the Moen Arbor faucet is attractive as well as functional. The Spot Resist finish makes keeping the fixture looking fresh and free of water spots and smudges with minimal time spent cleaning. The variety of good looking finishes include chrome, stainless and oil rubbed bronze which makes this classically styled unit an elegant and sleek addition to virtually any kitchen décor. The Moen Arbor faucet is a stylish yet timeless fixture that will look great in the kitchen of your home for years to come.


All the fittings of this component are made of brass. There are some plastic elements internally, both in the temperature control box and the Pulldown faucet head. The control box for the water flow also contains both brass and plastic parts. In the event of a reduced or insufficient water flow, there is a plastic water restrictor inside the spray head that can be easily removed to increase flow. This may cause a significant increase in water stream pressure which can result in over splashing but issues with flow rate are remedied effectively. Moen is known as one of the mid to high end faucet and fixture manufacturers, so the durability is what consumers have come to expect from this established and well-respected producer of kitchen amenities.


The water flow is an aerated stream which aids in cleaning and rinsing power. The unit is a single handle faucet with the handy pulldown water spout. The High Arc style spout is 15.9″ tall which gives you ample room to maneuver larger pans, pots and cooking sheets for easy filling and thorough rinsing. The spout also rotates 100 degrees for additional range of movement.

Warranty and Repair

All Moen fixtures are covered under a Limited Lifetime Warranty that protects against drips, leaks or finish defects. All of the unit’s digital components are protected under warranty for a 5 year period.

Our Overall Rating

The overall rating for the Moen Arbor High Arc Pulldown Faucet is 4.5 out of 5 stars. Consumers really love the hands free feature that the MotionSense provides and installation is remarkably easy with the Hydrolock system and easy to follow instructions. The limited lifetime warranty and 5 year guarantee of all digital parts is a huge plus. We feel confident in Moen as a reliable and trusted manufacturer of kitchen faucets and accessories and they did not disappoint with the 7594SRS Arbor model.

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