Kraus KPF-1602 Review

Kraus KPF-1602 1The Kraus KPF 1602 Kitchen Faucet made a great impression on our team. The quality is outstanding, the functionality and durability is unsurpassed, and the style just can’t be beat. This is more than just a water faucet – it is a statement piece for your home in general. Additionally, the solid brass construction of the internal mechanisms are AB1953 Certified, meaning that the fixture meets or exceeds the “less than .25% lead content” that the EPA requires which gets an A+ in our book. Color us impressed!



The Kraus KPF 1602 Kitchen Faucet is a restaurant grade sink fixture that is made of high quality brass internal construction. The swivel head has adjustable tension screws so it can be adjusted to the customer’s preference or tightened if it becomes loose. This model by Kraus is extremely durable as well as attractive and comes in two finishes: chrome and stainless steel. No plastic parts are used in the manufacturing of this fixture. The faucet is a single-hole install and Kraus makes different styles of plates for aesthetic purposes that vary depending on how many holes are in the countertop.


Because of the height and spraying power of this faucet, use with sinks of less than 10″ depth can cause excessive splashing of water outside of the sink area. Additionally, models made before 2014 do not allow simultaneous use of the sprayer and the pot filler spigots; however, newer models do show a slight loss of water pressure when both are engaged at the same time. The stainless steel and chrome finishes are just that – a plated finish and not solid stainless or chrome construction, though the finishes are extremely durable and last for years. This product requires a minimum of 3.5″ distance between the wall/backsplash and faucet hole which is more space than a conventional faucet needs.


The Kraus KPF-1602 pull-down kitchen faucet is a heavy duty, restaurant style faucet that is both durable and easy to use. It comes equipped with a single-lever flow control that takes an easy and effortless single touch to operate. Its multiple settings control the intensity of the water flow as well as the water temperature with a simple, single-handed button. The faucet’s commercial-inspired spring design adds to its versatility as well as industrial kitchen look and feel. The spring is heavy duty steel and provides years of heavy use without fail. The added pot filler feature adds even more functionality and convenience to this kitchen must-have. Because of its distinctive arched design and higher than usual positioning, this faucet is best suited in larger kitchens with plenty of sink space.


The Kraus KPF-1602 Pull-Down faucet has a unique industrial look that will add a touch of professional restaurant style to your home kitchen. It comes in your choice of a stainless steel or chrome finish and adds an element of unexpected flair to your kitchen work space. This is more than just a water faucet – it is a statement piece for your galley. The height of this fixture adds an eye catching element of style and is sure to draw the attention of guests when entertaining. Both the chrome and stainless steel finishes are easily cleaned but are resistant to smudges and water spots, so it keeps its shiny and attractive appearance with minimal effort.


The lead-free brass assembly gives this faucet one of the most rust resistant finishes on the market. This faucet is a power product and was meant to be used as such, which makes it perfect for high traffic kitchens or for consumers that do a lot of entertaining. The sprayer nozzle is made of heavy duty metal, with no lightweight or plastic components, and the curved stalk is reinforced with a robust metal spring and is extremely sturdy.


Because of the single-hole installation of this faucet, you are left with numerous options for accessories by your sinks such as soap dispensers or additional water spouts for reverse osmosis or conventionally filtered water sources. The sprayer portion of the fixture swivels a full 180 degrees, which is an added convenience if you have double or tripartite sinks. If your sink is very large in size, you will appreciate this feature as the reach of the spray nozzle is impressively far. The sprayer head also has a black rubber grip and rubber “bumper” intended to protect the finish of your sinks from being damaged by the heavy metal construction.

Warranty and Repair

The spray nozzle portion of this faucet is modular and easily replaceable should it ever wear out. Kraus offers a limited lifetime warranty on this product and has a toll-free Help Line available to consumers who require assistance with the warranty or repair of the unit.

Our Overall Rating

We give the Kraus KPF-1602 Kitchen Faucet a 4.9 out of 5 stars. The sturdy, commercial grade construction and extraordinary durability are highly impressive. Combined with the dramatic and attractive appearance, these features are well worth the money spent to own one. Once again, Kraus succeeds in satisfying even the most demanding of consumers with the highest standard of quality in the overall design and manufacture of this product.

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