Delta 21966LF-SS Dennison Review

Delta 21966LF-SS Dennison 1Delta has a reputation for providing quality faucets at an affordable price. The Delta 21966LF-SS Dennison lives up to that promise. By providing a faucet with a classic shape and modern finish, it fits into most kitchens and is worth taking a look at for anyone going through a remodel. The handles make this one of the smoothest, easiest to use models available. After a long period of use it will still operate well. The detachable hose provides insulation above and beyond comparable faucets, making it easy to get the job done without any injury.



Durable elements hold up well over time. Insulated detachable hose greatly improves comfort when running hot water through it. High spout allows easy filling of large pots.


Water pressure lower than some comparable models. The faucet does the essentials well, but does not come with many extra features.

Functionality 4/5

Installation does not take long but can vary depending on whether the user wants to adjust the height of the faucet. Installation does not take much time and should be an easy process compared to other faucets. While the faucet installs fairly easily, those who have not done so before should make sure follow the instructions carefully. The unit can become loose if not put in the right way, but remains snug if installed correctly.

The spout proves easy to use because of the height of the spout. The extra height makes it easy to fill pots or glasses, whatever needs water, even with a sink full of unwashed dishes underneath. The handles move evenly and easily; turning the water on never feels like a fight. This smoothness continues after many subsequent uses. The performance of the spout itself compares to models many times the price. Good water pressure keeps the cleaning power up, especially considering the height of the unit. The detachable unit sometimes has less water pressure than some other faucets but does not have trouble with the most common uses.

Style 5/5

The style of this faucet fits the décor fits that of almost any kitchen. The two handle bridge blends in well with more classic kitchen designs while the matte stainless steel guarantees it also shines bright in ultramodern kitchens as well. This matte blends into a variety of environments and fits dark or light back splashes.

The curve of the spout provides an attractive profile and the bridge makes it even more striking. This is a distinctive style that sets it apart from other faucets in the same price range. It looks much more expensive than it is. The rounded sides blend the traditional and the modern with elegance.

Durability 4.5/5

For the price, this faucet stands up to usage just like a premium model. Repeated uses have not loosened the handles, which glide as smoothly as the first time they were used. Water pressure remains good over time, if a little lower on the spray attachment than on some other models.

Extras 4/5

The center spout can swivel a full 360 degrees to reach the entire sink with ease. The side sprayer comes covered in a nice amount of insulation. This means that vegetables. fruits, and other staples and essentials can be washed or sprayed down without the danger of scalding water burning hands through the metal. The 1.8 gpm flow is not the best on the market, but takes care of almost any deep cleaning needs. It also fills those large containers that can placed underneath the tall faucet quickly.

Unfortunately, the faucet does not come with many fancy extra settings like some other models. It performs the standard function very well with good pressure and easy to use parts. Few other faucets make the standard experience so pleasurable. But those looking for extra settings or touch controls may find themselves disappointed.

Warranty and Repair 5/5

Delta offers a limited lifetime warranty on each faucet. This includes free maintenance for defects and covers not only the functional parts of the faucet, but also the finish itself. In addition, the company also provides free customer support should any promises arise. This benefit kicks in from the very beginning; you can even call them to get advice on how to best install your unit.

Our Overall Rating 4/5

The Delta 21966LF-SS Dennison gives you more than you normally expect for a faucet of this price. The styling looks great in most kitchens and has an expensive sophistication about it. While the faucet does not have a ton of extra features, it performs all the essentials impeccably and reliably. For anyone looking for a faucet that makes it easier to cook and clean the Delta 21966LF-SS Dennison may be the faucet for them.

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