Commercial Style

When it comes to home kitchen faucets, fusion or commercial style faucets are continuing to increase in popularity. In response to this trend, manufacturers are creating exciting new styles and designs for consumers to choose from. Through my diligent research, I’ve found some of the best examples of these products on the market today. Each of the selections I’ve chosen to highlight on this page are uniquely crafted to enhance both the style and functionality of your kitchen.

Besides their eye-catching appearance, these newly-designed faucets can bring industrial kitchen convenience right into your home. Many of the old-fashioned home faucets were awkwardly designed and difficult to control. With adjustable spray nozzles and high arcs, these innovative faucets offer flexibility and ease of use.

If you’re seeking for a kitchen faucet that goes above and beyond the ordinary, these models are certainly worthy of your consideration. With these elegant options you can prominently place an emblem of your own signature style right at the focal point of your kitchen. Each time you enjoy entertaining or spending time gathering with family around the kitchen table, you’ll be proud of the sleek and sophisticated look your new faucet brings to your entire décor.


Kraus KPF 1602

The Kraus KPF 1602 Kitchen Faucet made a great impression on our team. The quality is outstanding, the functionality and durability is unsurpassed, and the style just can’t be beat. This is more than just a water faucet – it is a statement piece for your home in general. Additionally, Read Morereadmoreblue-arrow



The innovative and different approach to designing products by Danze Company has led to this company competing with the renowned kitchen faucet companies. Danze Company has proven that they can competitively manage in the kitchen faucet industry by producing some of the best faucets, Read Morereadmoreblue-arrow

More Commercial Style Kitchen Faucets

Kraus KPF-16024.4$237.95
Danze D455158SS4.4$256.98
Kraus KPF-2630CH4.4$161.95
Kraus KPF-1640SS4.8$215.95
Kraus KPF-2730CH4.9$197.95
Kraus KPF-2630SS4.4$188.95
Kraus KPF-1640CH4.8$179.95
Kraus KPF-1650SS4.8$215.95
Kraus KPF-2730SS4.9$224.95


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